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Working with Eddy was good because he helps you with the fears that hold most men back from approaching their women they would like to and provides the push needed to break through the fear and have success approaching women with confidence.

Lucas Mattiello

Eddy's passion for approaching women on the streets was apparent during my daygame bootcamp. Getting to see what I looked like on video was key in knowing what to improve on. It was a fun learning experience that changed the way I saw daygame. I went from doing the safe approaches to being able to approach women walking down the street quickly & being able to stop them & have conversations. Eddy helps you push your comfort zone & take things to a new level. I highly recommend anyone who's committed to making success with women a lifestyle to take a bootcamp & things like going for coffee with a girl 2 minutes after meeting her is possible.

john Lamont

I had the opportunity and privilege to watch Eddy in action while filming a documentary on dating and seduction. He was one of four coaches we featured and he did not disappoint. He fearlessly led by example and was truly an inspiration to watch.


I have been a client of Eddy for many of his programs and have always learned something new. He has pushed me outside my comfort zone, given great feedback on some of my bad habits and suggested ways of gradually changing them. I sure will be doing couple more programs with him in the future. Just as how every great athlete has a long term coach and mentor, to improve my life skills and develop myself for the better, having a coach like Eddy is always worth the investment.

Anthony Shivakumar

Working with Eddy isn't just about picking up women. It's how to become a better man and bettering yourself. As a result, I'm able to approach more people on the street and get into rapport quicker than ever. Thanks!

Shaun Furman

Eddy's got a really unique approach when it comes to meeting women and dating in Vancouver. He truly is "The ultimate man builder". He's great with relationships and even helped me with marketing. Highly recommended if you want to upgrade your life.

Will Ripley

Working with Eddy is fun as hell! Within the first hour of meeting him he already had me out of my shell and doing things I never dreamed possible for me. Growing up in a strict Catholic household I was very shy when it came to girls and constantly feared rejection. Eddy helped me realize the areas where I needed help, pushed me when I needed it and gave me the positive reinforcement I had been missing. Approach Anxiety is no more. I can hold a conversation like a man. I no longer hesitate to get numbers and rejection doesn't phase me. Eddy helped me pull a 180 degree turn over the course of the summer. I not only improved my dating life, the confidence and skills I gained spilled over into my work/business giving me a $10,000 increase in profits. Ultimate Man Builder indeed! Thank you Eddy. Forever grateful

dom cirillo

I've been out with Eddy several times in the last few years and I love his outlook on approaching women in the day. Puts a different spin on it then you would have thought from your own point of view. I met my first real GF when I was out with him and we ended up dating for almost 2 years, and we still keep in touch to this day. If you want to drastically improve how you interact with girls I would highly suggest getting in touch with him.

Russ Phillips

I've known Eddy for quite some time through mutual friends but after going through some bad dating experiences, I decided to contact him for his words of wisdom. He definitely has put things into perspective not only in regards to my social life but in my professional life as well. His approach to fully understand an individual's situation is his greatest strength. As a result of our conversation, I've been seeing some positive changes, but as they say 'Rome was not built in a day'. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that's looking to enhance their social interaction skills, personal development and overall, becoming a better individual.

Arvin Verma

Working with Eddy changed my life. Let me explain how. His training helped me build previously-unfathomable confidence with beautiful women. The confidence I lacked for far too many years in my life. The first training session I took with him was 3 years ago now, and I see that session as the start of my loss of fear in approaching beautiful women, getting their number and in contact with them, and an inner belief that I can score (almost) any woman, if I play my cards right. So Eddy didn't just help me polish some skills, he changed my life. I can't recommend a better guy in all of Vancouver to improve your level of attraction and interaction with the ladies, but also make you a more confident and better person during the process! And it's because of his sincere, no lies/bullshit approach to dating.

Ed Stevens

What Is Conquer and Win?

“I mean to make myself a man, and if I succeed in that, I shall succeed in everything else.”
– James A Garfield, 20th U.S. President

Conquer & Win is about becoming a confident man, refining social skills, getting dates, and finding a great woman for an awesome relationship.

I’m Eddy Baller, the founder of Conquer & Win, and a dating coach who focuses on personal development to change men’s lives.

My writing is featured on the Plenty of Fish blog, Elite Daily, The Good Men Project, Steven Aitchison, Mind Body Green, Vancity Buzz, Tiny Buddha and YourTango.

I’ve also been featured on the CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show and Vancouver Magazine. 

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Derek Cajun

Derek Cajun interview

Approach Like A Gentleman and Get Dates

There’s no reason why you can’t approach an attractive woman and do it in a way which creates an awesome experience for both of you. Check out my article here on The Good Men Project about how to approach like a gentleman. 

A Focus On Personal Development and Masculinity

Most dating sites focus on superficial skills and tricks, but these skills don’t create confident men. Although the “how to” is very important, Conquer & Win focuses on core confidence building experiences to create your foundation. This will make you stronger and set you apart from others who want a quick fix. 

Personal development is work, not wishful thinking.

Real masculinity is also emphasized over the flowery version being advocated nowadays by a lot of confused guys and ideologues. 

elliott hulse

Elliott Hulse interview

About Me

My background is not a confident one with lots of girls. I suffered from severe depression, social anxiety, and was very shy and awkward.

It always hurt the most when I would hear about parties that I wasn’t invited to, or a get together with my “friends” which they somehow failed to inform me of.

I would hear the stories of the girls they met, or of girls I knew and had a crush on but couldn’t bring myself to talk to. Through sheer luck I managed to meet one cool girl in my mid twenties, but as a clingy and spineless guy, she broke up with me and left me feeling even more depressed and alone.

After a couple of horrible relationships I began to realize that there was a pattern to my love life and if I wanted it to change I needed to change. It wasn’t them, it was me.

I began a radical transformation in my life because of the depression and pain I was feeling everyday. Even my health was terrible and I never had any energy or motivation to get out of my rut.

I wasn’t happy not being able to meet attractive high quality women, and I wasn’t even able to make friends at that stage of my life. I told my sister one day that I was sick of it, “Why can’t I even make friends?”

After 15 years of personal development, and over 1000 dates, I’ve learned what it takes to attract women and make great friends. I know now that we can feel good every day in spite of outside circumstances. 

This is why I’m happy to share my experience and knowledge with other men who want to improve their lives, date great women, find relationships, and learn what it truly means to be confident.

Contact me with your questions, or if you’re considering dating & personal development coaching click here to find out more.


Aaron Marino (AlphaM) interview


The blog covers meeting women, dating, relationships, and men’s personal development. 

Conquer & Win Podcast & YouTube Videos

Update: The podcast has been on hiatus but is just getting rolling again with some amazing guest. I had Elliott Hulse and Aaron Marino (AlphaM) on the show and will be releasing their interviews on video and audio soon.  

Previous guest include four time K-1 champion Ernesto Hoost, self defense expert Nick Drossos, dating experts such as Zan Perrion, Adam Lyons (AFC Adams), Derek Cajun from Love Systems, Hayley Quinn, Asian dating expert JT Tran, Jonathan (AKA “Manwhore”), open relationship expert Adina Rivers, YouTube celebrity AronRa, Mister Metokur, Lauren Southern, AVFM’s Paul Elam and many more.

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AronRa interview

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